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A dog rescued in Malaysia, re-homed in New York.

As you can see from the video, Rammy has been rescued in July, 2017, but what happened afterwards?

When Rammy was first rescued, he was full of ticks and suffered from skin rashes. The Pet Sitter had to take him to the vet to shave off his furs, treat his skin and to remove all the ticks.

It took three months to nurse Rammy back to good health, had him injected with rabies vaccination and flu shots, and neutered.

Rammy was driven for more than 300KM from Johor Bahru to Seremban where he would be taken on a KLM flight departing KLIA airport, Kuala Lumpur to JFK airport, New York.

On the other end of the globe, the adoptive family (Andrew & Polly) drove 6 hours from their home to the airport to receive Rammy. Finally Rammy landed in his new country on 31 Oct 2017 - just in time for trick-or-treat on Halloween! :-)

Rammy first stepped out from the JFK airport on an unfamiliar land, feeling anxious, being pacified by Andrew.

Rammy settled in and bonded with the rest of the family very quickly and we know he is in great shape. He seems to understand that he has been rescued and does not have to go back to the streets going hungry again.

This is Rammy in New York, with a loving family that adores him where he finally calls home versus the lonely street he used to scavenge for food.

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