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27 Brilliant Hacks Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

1. Wrap thin rope around the legs of end tables to create scratching posts.

2. And stack those end tables to create shelves for your cat to lounge on, and for pet supply storage.

3. Adding some dry green tea leaves to the cat litter box will help reduce unwanted odors.

4. Empty milk cartons can be used to create a kitty litter scoop. Easily replaceable when it gets old!

5. Terrariums are a good way to keep your cats from getting into your plants or walking around with dirty paws. Make sure they are large/heavy enough so that your cat will not be able to knock it down! Etsy has plenty.

6. Or place pinecones in potted plants, because they're uncomfortable for your cat to step on and will keep them out.

7. Cover exposed cords with split tubing to keep your cats from chewing through them. Found on Amazon.

8. NATURE'S MIRACLE. It gets rid of cat-pee stains and odors that are otherwise indestructible.

9. Make a window perch for your cat to see what's going on outside.

Instructions can be found here.

10. Or use an old ladder as a cat climbing ramp. Find a ladder of your own and cover each step with scraps of carpeting.

11. Buy a cute toilet paper cover to keep your cat from unraveling it.

12. Make your own flea repellent.

13. And your own cat deterrent, to keep them from scratching and/or jumping on the furniture.

14. Use old plastic Easter eggs to create fun puzzle toys for your cat.

Simply cut out a small hole, and fill the egg with treats or catnip!

15. Build a "catio" so your kitties can experience a taste of the outdoors.

Full tutorial here.

16. Use a real tree as a stylish cat scratching and climbing post.

Tutorial found here.

17. Create a fun and inexpensive game for your cat using an old cardboard box and a ball.

This will keep their mind active and engaged! Find the tutorial here.

18. Learn about your cat's body language from these simple charts so you always know what they're telling you!

For more information, go here.

19. If you need to bathe your cat, do it in the sink as opposed to the bathtub. This allows you to bring your cat closer, making it easier to wash him, and the confining space is especially helpful for very reluctant kitties.

20. If your cat has trouble with hairballs, use kitty grass, which will provide fiber.

21. Draw a circle around your pet's food bowl with chalk to keep ants away.

Ants don't walk across chalk!

22. Leave some empty space on shelves for your cat to perch.

23. Hide the litter box inside a chest or cabinet.

Find the tutorial here. Or for more genius ways to hide the litter box, go here.

24. Spend a few extra moments in the morning or evening brushing down your cat, and you'll have less fur on all your furniture!

25. And running your hands over the furniture with rubber gloves on is a quick and easy way to get rid of cat hair.

26. Make food-dish shelves to keep your cat's food out of reach from the dog.

27. And remember, if your cat is blinking slowly at you, it means they love y

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