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Covering the important topics of a Guest pup’s care will ensure that everyone involved has a safe and fun stay!


Contact and Info

Dates of stay: ___________________ Pet’s Name: _____________________

Drop Off Time: _________________ Pick Up Time: ____________________


Pet Parent’s Name: _________________________________________________________________

Pet Parent’s Phone Number/Email: ___________________________________________________

Emergency Contact/Relationship: ________________________________________________ ___

Preferred Method of Contact and Frequency for Updates: ______________________________


Pet Info

Age:_________ Spayed/Neutered:  Yes / No Microchipped: Yes / No

If Microchipped, Company and Chip #: ________________________________________________

Breed:___________________ Color:_________________ Unique Markings:___________________

Preferred Veterinarian Name and Number: _____________________________________________

Date of Last Vaccinations: ____________________________________________________________

Rabies: Yes / No

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) : Yes / No

DHLP (Distemper, Influenza, Parvo): Yes / No

Type of Flea Treatment:______________________________________________________________


Pet Care and Schedule

Food and Acceptable Treats:__________________________________________________________

Feeding Times and Amounts:_________________________________________________________

Walking and Bathroom Schedule: _____________________________________________________

Medication Required? Yes / No  

If Yes, please list the name, dose, and schedule here:_____________________________________

Where does the pup sleep?

Dog Bed / Owner’s Bed / Crate / Other:_________________________________________________ 

What length of time is the pup ok being left alone?

2-4 Hours / 4-6 Hours / 6-8 Hours / Can’t be left alone


Behavior and Tips

Has your dog spent time with people outside of your immediate family? Are they comfortable around strangers and children?

Yes / No


Does your dog enjoy being with other dogs?

Yes / No / Others, please explain


What size pups have your dogs been around?

Small / Medium / Large / None- they only spend time with our family


Has your dog ever been fearful of other dogs or been in a scuffle with another pup? What were the circumstances around that?

Yes / No


Has your pup ever chewed on, eaten, or marked something they weren’t supposed to? What were the circumstances around that?

Yes / No


Has your dog ever exhibited signs of stress or anxiety when away from you or home alone?

Yes/ No

If yes, do you have any tips for keeping them calm?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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