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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a committed and passionate group of animal lovers who shares the vision to rescue the abused, abandoned, and strays by giving them a loving home they deserve under our Save A Life campaign.

Our founder grew up with over 20 dogs in her family. These dogs were mostly abandoned and stray until they were adopted by the founder's family. They lived happily in the estate with the family who also adopted various kinds of animals that were ill and separated from their mothers.

To continue this noble mission, DogLibre was founded as a social enterprise in pursuit to maximise social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. This model is sustainable for the social work to Save A Life in the long run. Social responsibility is one of our core values and we support businesses where society benefits together.

For every service booked on DogLibre for your furry family member, DogLibre pledges to Save A Life!

While you’re away, we save a stray. To be part of this cause, join DogLibre today!

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